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The Panhandle Pioneer Settlement strives to create unique educational experiences for all of our visitors, from schoolchildren and snowbirds to members of churches or civic groups.

There is unbeatable educational value in our events. For instance, visitors can learn how our pioneering ancestors fed themselves by attending our annual Hog Butchering demonstration each January. Visitors can learn about other aspects of pioneer life during our two major, annual festivals: Panhandle Folk Life Days in the spring and Pioneer Day in the fall.

There is tremendous educational value in our Pioneer Classes. After all, there aren't many places where you can go to become a blacksmith for a day, or learn how to make sugarcane syrup. Our classes on fireplace and wood-stove cooking, jelly- and jam-making, pine needle basket weaving, and quilting will give you unforgettable hands-on experiences and make memories that last a lifetime.

There is exceptional educational value in our programs. In addition to our classes, we offer programs such as bird watching and organic farming in cooperation with the Calhoun County Extension Office. What's more, the Settlement is a great venue for Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts to engage in numerous activities to assist them in earning merit badges and help them become well-rounded young adults.

With proper advanced notice, the Settlement can tailor class or group visits to meet specific needs. Call today to arrange a visit.