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Altha Calaboose

The Alltha Calaboose was built in 1927 by Haywood Baggett and Miles Richards. Later that year (1927), both men were put in the Calaboose for Trading Horses without a license. They were the first people that were put in the new jail.

Haywood Baggett and Miles Richards had a Livery Stable. They sold a horse and buggy to a Mr. Vander Henderson who was the Altha Postmaster. Mr. Henderson was caught stealing money from the Post Office. Mr. Henderson was sent to prison and he had not paid for the horse and buggy.

When Mr. Baggett and Mr. Richards sold the horse they were arrested and were put in the Altha Calaboose for selling this horse without a city license. They only stayed in the jail for 24 hours. Mr. Early Bess came to the jail and opened the door. They would not leave because he was not the police. Later, Mr. Bess became the Town Marshall.

When Mr. Baggett and Mr. Richards got out of Jail, they went to Marianna and got a lawyer -- a Mr. Amos Lewis and Mr. Paul Carter. They sued the Town of Altha and won the lawsuit. After winning the Lawsuit they sued and got a Judgement against the Town of Altha. This Judgement was for one million dollars. The Town of Altha did not have any money and they were unincorporated in 1927. Mr. Haywood Baggett passed away in April 1940. Altha was incorporated for the second time in 1946. This story was told to Bill Peacock by Mr. Haywood Baggett's daughter-in-law, Mary Baggett Carpenter